"In his podcast, Radio Harvester, Colin Atrophy Hagendorf interviews fellow WEIRDOS, and FREAKS in their favorite pizzerias. This show is a must listen for all Punks, Skins, Rudes, Weirdos, Freakniks, Grease Balls, Dirt Brains, Bad Gas Bad Acne Having Ass Losers and all other Counterculture Types and General Roustabouts. NO COPS! NO CREEPS! PEACE IN THE PIZZERIA!"

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Starting around Rosh Hashanah 2016 and culminating a day after Hanukkah ended, I bootlegged my own audiobook as a present for my grandma because she can't see too good anymore and I didn't want her to have to hear the shmuck my publishers hired read my book. Then I put it up on Bandcamp so people besides her can hear it too. This was very fun to record and I think I did a good job even if I made some mistakes and some of the self-conscious asides are too long. Cover art is from my dear friend Yusuke Okada's Neu Yorker series.