Let me tell you about awesome stuff my friends are doing.

So, since I've gotten all this wild attention from various news media publications and such, I've been slammed with orders to fill and emails to respond to and still working my job and living my life and I haven't done or thought anything about pizza, really. But I promised weekly posts and so this week I'm going to post about awesome things my friends do that some of you, my readers, might be interested in.

Pegacorn Press
Longtime Slice Harvester Pal and Generally Rad Lady, Caroline Paquita has started a small publishing venture called Pegacorn Press, with the help of good old-fashioned gumption and a couple of antiquated printing machines. So far she has put out a couple of issues of her own awesome comic, Womanimalistic, a compilation of apocalyptic visions, Future Tense, and a fucking AWESOME calendar. There's a package deal where you can get all three of these wonderful publications for a mere $18.00! What a bargain! Seriously, this shit is so rad. This is the third year she has made her calendar and it gets better and better. No home is complete without one.

Buy some comics.

Imaginary Space
My longtime friend Noah Apple Mayers has started a SCHOOL. That's right! A school for teaching children. He and I performed puppet shows together with our performance troupe, Puppet State Players. Once an eight-year-old was being a jerk and trying to snatch my puppets while I was performing and I told him he could play with them if he would quit acting like a little dickhead and he started crying. Noah didn't get mad at me, but he did comfort the kid because he could see that little homie was just acting out because he was sad and all he needed was some positive reinforcement and attention. Noah's school seems really incredible. The class schedule seems amazing, with an "Explorer's Club" for visiting exotic locales right here in NYC, a tinkering class, and a cooking class on the roster so far. I don't know if many SH readers have children who homeschool, but this seems like a really great opportunity to provide your brat with enriching experiences, socializing with other brats, and awesome EDUTAINMENT for ROCK BOTTOM PRICES.

Enroll your kid.

Awesome local rockers Shellshag have a NEW RECORD coming out and it is a record I have been dreaming of for years. FUCK SOCIETY, Vol. 1 is their first collection of covers, and it is out next month. One of the most charming things about Shellshag, arguably the most charming band, is the totally inclusive party atmosphere they create at their shows, and an integral part of that atmosphere is their huge repertoire of awesome covers, most of which are collected here. Honestly, this record is worth the twelve bucks JUST for the cover of Fuck and Run, which you can file along with the Raincoats' Lola as a coveted Cover That is Better Than the Original. Liz Phair aside, these rad dudes also cover a bunch of 80s pop (INXS, When In Rome), a bunch of punk bands half of you have never heard of (Shotwell, Hickey), and a slew of other awesome shit. The final song (and title track) on the LP is an original recording of a song Shellshag has been covering for awhile now, Fuck Society, by Chattanooga's infamous AK77, a project spearheaded by a guy named Andy who I wish I had known better when he was around. The last time I saw him was a few years ago in Chattanooga when my friend Marcia and I pulled up outside Tom Foote's house looking to see if anyone I knew was on the porch. Andy came screaming out the backyard "YOU HAVE A CAR?! NOT VERY PUNK TO HAVE A CAR, BUT YOU MUST TAKE ME TO SUPERMARKET." And we spent the next hour digging through dumpsters behind the Food Lion trying to find flowers to pretty up the house. Andy was a strange and enigmatic dude and this record is a fitting tribute.

Preorder the record.

Dave Hill
I said on twitter that Dave Hill was a better writer than I'll ever be, and I don't know if that's true, but that's how I feel whenever I read his amazing columns. I do not gamble or even really follow sports, but Dave's insightful, emotionally honest prose resonates with me so hard. I think at least three out of the four columns thus far have brought me to tears. This dude is for real.

Read the columns.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel's facebook page is my favorite thing on the internet. He posts pictures of himself with these totally vague "inspirational messages" and it they are so awesome! Like, when the earthquake hit Japan last year, he posted a picture of himself with no shirt on staring wistfully towards the sea! I don't know what trajectory takes you from weird experimental theater in New York City to Too Fast Too Furious, but I wanna jump on that train ASAP. Next stop, a Guy Ritchie directed Slice Harvester Movie starring me as Me and Ricky Gervais as the Pizza. Vin Diesel will be my mentor/trainer. Anyway, dude has the awesomest facebook page I've ever seen.

Feel the hope.