I feel like Thrasher Magazine right now.

First ever FAN ART! Huzzah! At the Brooklyn Zine Fest last weekend, this really nice dude came up to my table and we chatted a bit and made small talk that I don't remember and he bought a zine or two from me. A few hours later I was walking back into the fest with a box of extra zines I had forgotten to bring in and walked passed him, so I handed him a copy of the new one and he thanked me and told me he would "draw me some stained glass" which seemed rather inscrutable at the time. Anyway, I totally forgot about that and now there's this!

For real! Teenage Mutant Ninja Angels! This dude twitters @TomGambinoArt and has a tumblr.

Speaking of tumbalers and art, my friend Fryd set up a website for my friend Yusuke who makes crazy, often beautiful, and often very upsetting paintings. Look at it.

Very soon I am finally going to post that Heems interview I was gonna post like two weeks ago. I'm a slowpoke. Sue me!