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Slice Harvester stands out from the pack…wry, witty, surprisingly insightful…[Hagendorf’s] ability to veer from the profane to the profound in the same sentence is as unique as it is grounded in the punk-lit tradition. Among all the things that Slice Harvester seeks and succeeds to be, it's a love letter to Manhattan — one stained with spilled beer and cigarette burns, but still. It's also about chasing ideals, romantic as well as culinary, and how that can be both noble and annihilating. Mostly, though, it's a rumination on innocence, and the loss thereof. Deep stuff for a book that started out as a pizza blog. Then again, as Slice Harvester so compellingly proposes, the plain old pizza pie is actually a blank canvas upon which we can, and should, project anything we wish.” (NPR Books)

"His blog, Slice Harvester, documents his efforts to eat a plain slice from every pizzeria in Manhattan. The amazing thing isn’t that he claims to have accomplished this goal — though it took him 27 months — but that the blog, with its star system and unlikely metaphors, made for such good reading. It makes an even better book. His sauce-stained slog is no longer just about finding good slices but also (though the anti-­establishment Hagendorf would surely hate the phrase) about finding himself.... The pizza joints become potent way stations along the journey and, thanks to a neat surprise involving the origins of one shop, acquire a strong narrative arc." (New York Times)

"An exploration of growing up in the punk scene, getting sober, finding love, and how something as simple as eating hundreds of slices of pizza can be the catalyst for personal growth." (Onion AV Club)

“This is the kind of book I want to make a gift of to everyone I know—lost, found, gluten-intolerant, cheeseheads. Heck, all of them need to read this! Everyone has something to gain from this tale of blackouts, almost burning out and too-burned crusts.” (Newsweek)

“A powerful, unique blend of a better-late-than-never coming-of-age story and account of a recovering that is both involving and affecting. … Slice Harvester deftly outgrows the high concept nature of its roots and delivers something altogether winning, the perfect balance of crust, cheese and sauce, exactly what a reader craves.” (Toronto Star)

“Hagendorf’s popular Slice Harvester blog chronicled his quest to eat and review a slice of cheese pizza from every pizzeria in Manhattan. In this entertaining memoir, he mashes up that journey with the topics of addiction, family, punk rock, nostalgia, and love. … Full of drinking binges, colorful characters from the punk scene, and random asides, like comparing a slice to Anthony Kiedis, the narrative takes readers on a roller-coaster ride.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Slice Harvester by Colin Atrophy Hagendorf is a must-read for every New Yorker, city visitor, and/or pizza lover. … Replete with detail, sarcasm, and poignancy, this “memoir in pizza” is (perhaps surprisingly) the furthest thing from trivial.” (Flavorwire)

“Colin's memoir is a rare story, both funny and heavy, using his trajectory as pizza blogger/zinester to pick apart his his own self growth, and also channel a social and political subtext you would expect from someone raised on a critical punk worldview.” (Fvck The Media)