"In his podcast, Radio Harvester, Colin Atrophy Hagendorf interviews fellow WEIRDOS, and FREAKS in their favorite pizzerias. This show is a must listen for all Punks, Skins, Rudes, Weirdos, Freakniks, Grease Balls, Dirt Brains, Bad Gas Bad Acne Having Ass Losers and all other Counterculture Types and General Roustabouts. NO COPS! NO CREEPS! PEACE IN THE PIZZERIA!"

This month I sat down with Ted Leo over a giant vegan pizza and we talked about his punk roots in Jersey, why going to college is stupid, how to dress well as you get older, Skrewdriver records, touring, etc, etc etc. Ted is a handsome mensch who makes good music and you should listen to what he has to say! He has a new record he's kickstarting, so bless him with some cash. If you're wondering why we didn't talk about the current political climate it's because this interview happened a long ass time ago! Luckily, Ted was on This Week In Atrocity last week talking about the artist's place in the current political climate and it's a great convo, so if you can't get enough of the man TL, listen to that.

This month's guest is Shannon Thompson, a punk rocker and a best friend to a best friend of mine. Shannon is one half of Nervous Nelly Records, which she runs with her partner Kale, she sings in Pandemix and plays drums in Long Gone. We talked about Connecticut, having parents who listen to punk music, and how hard writing is. This is the first episode in our new longer form and the debut of our new editor Pat Ganley who will be helping me from here on out and I couldn't be more excited!

This month on the podcast I read an excerpt from my book, Slice Harvester: A Memoir In Pizza, which came out on August 11th, 2015 on Simon & Schuster. Buy it please!

Brontez Purnell (of Younger Lovers, Gravy Train!!!, The Brontez Purnell Dance Company, author of F*g School and co-author of The Cruising Diaries with Janelle Hessig) talks to Colin about growing up queer and black in the Deep South, finding punk, his familial history in Oakland, studying and performing dance as an extension of punk performance plus talks mad shit on white garage rock douchebags and everyone else from Alabama.

This month I sat down with Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress fanzine! She is so cool and smart and it was really cool to hang out with her. We talk about Shotgun Seamstress, Osa's zine "by, for, and about black punks," and the complicated, sometimes conflicted relationship between Osa's black identity and her punk identity. It's not all somber or serious! We laugh a bunch and it's a really complex and enlightening conversation. Check out Osa's website, please!

This month I sat down with Freddy Alva who runs Wardance Records to talk about the history of ABC No Rio and the climate of the hardcore scene in NYC when Freddy and some of his friends decided to start putting on shows there every Saturday. These shows still happen today, though Freddy and his crew are All Grown Up and it's a different gang of kids involved. Now Freddy's label Wardance Records has been reissuing some of the coolest releases from Back In The Day. Check it out!

This month I sat down with my hero Tom Scharpling of the Best Show. I'm just gonna let this interview speak for itself. If you're unfamiliar with Tom's work, head to http://www.thebestshow.net and check it out. He's a force of nature, this guy.

I've known Cindy Crabb for about ten years but she's been doing zines for way longer than that. We talk about her trajectory from being a weirdo teen in Minneapolis who was curious about punks but didn't quite know where she fit to her decision to losing faith in everything and moving to Portland to finally deciding to "access the rage" and be a punk in the Bay. Doris is one of the most important zines. If you've read it you know that, but if you haven't, check it out at dorisdorisdoris.com.

Me and the dude Lew Hue (this is what I call him in my head but I've never said it to his face) sit down at the pizza parlor to do some tender Bent Haus reminiscing, plus talk about trading zines when we were teenagers; the trauma of forced socialization; alienation from notions of manhood; Mike Ness being a douche. Lew is my bfl (bro for life) and we had a good time talking and maybe you'll have a good time listening? Check out noothhing.org for art and music.

I talk to my friends Gabi & Terri about their Hurrican Sandy Cleanup effort, Respond & Rebuild, at their favorite pizza place in the Rockaways, Original Ciro's. They tell the story of how R&R came to be and talk about what they think disaster relief should look like to be more effective in the future. I'm really proud of this episode and I'm really proud of my friends. Although Respond & Rebuild's relief work is currently on hiatus, you can read more about them at respondandrebuild.org.

It is SHOCKING that Golnar and I had never actually met before this interview. We have all the same friends, we're the same age, both spent our teens lurking at No Rio, I used to go to shows at her old house Jane Doe when I was in my early 20s. And Golnar is as cool as it is weird that we didn't already know each other (very cool). During this interview Golnar claims to be the only punk. We also discuss the pros and cons of growing up in the 90s vs. growing up on the Internet, Golnar's time as coordinator of Maximum Rocknroll, and B|ta'arof the Iranian culture magazine that she edits now. We don't talk about Golnar's band In School, but check them out, they shred. I neglected to mention this in the actual recording because I'm a dunce, but we ate at Louie's Pizzeria on Baxter Ave in Elmhurst and the pizza was fucking GREAT.

Street Eaters are my friends Megan and John from Oakland and they play awesome PUNK MUSIC together. We talked about Growing Up in the Bay Area, Danger!, and Getting Jumped In to the Int'l Punk Gang. Podcast featuring their hit song RUNNING DOG in its entirety! Hear their other hot jams at streeteaters.com.

Xara Thustra is the first ever stranger I interviewed, and I feel super lucky it was her! He is a true freaker artist in San Francisco who has collaborated with a ton of my friends and we got to eat fancy pizza and talk about toxic masculinity, the culture of The Streets, how dancing can improve your life. Visit their website, please: www.xarathustra.com.

Cristy Road! We have been penpals for 16 years and actual homegirls since whenever she finally moved to New York. We talked about being punk teens with punk zines, growing up, queer identity in the pop punk scene. Visit croadcore.org for more info!

Me and my old friend Mike Taylor go to one of our favorite pizzerias, Carmine's Original on Norman Ave in Greenpoint, to talk insults, the Florida Gothic Industrial Complex, old harcore records, class warfare. Bonus content: Christina Aguilera battles a demon.
P.S. Mike Taylor has a website called http://www.miketaylorart.com.

Sue Jeiven of East River Tattoo, maybe the only truly punk tattoo shop in the world, talks about tattoos, taxidermy, and dealing with terminal illness. Check out some of her work here.

Benjamin "Ben Trogdon" Trogdon famous creator of NUTS! Fanzine talks about fighting in the streets, working in a pizzeria, and teenage egg whites. Get it together and listen to this man. BEN'S WEBSITE: http://nutsfanzine.tumblr.com/